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8 Hidden Press Release Distribution Channels You Need to Know

Do you ever wonder where exactly your press release goes? Well, you’re not alone. Many people wonder how press release distribution channels work.

Some channels like Apple News, Business Insider and Associated Press (AP) are accessible to the general public and openly display press releases for anyone to view. But, the hidden channels do not.

Furthermore, these subscription-based hidden channels play a significant role in getting your press releases into the right hands of important stakeholders.

Subscriptions were cited as the most important digital revenue stream for publishers worldwide in every year from 2021 to 2023, ahead of advertising. Statista, January 2024

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A Closer Look at the 8 Hidden Press Release Distribution Channels

Your press releases go to big name, public media sites you’re used to hearing about, like Apple News, Associated Press (AP), PostMedia and other top media outlets for your news in the world.

In addition, your press releases are sent to hidden channels. The hidden press release channels are concealed behind paywalls where only those with specialized subscriptions can see your press releases. Typically, influential decision-makers have access to these hidden channels.

So, this means that professionals are viewing your press releases in many important places, both public and private.

To illustrate, here are the top 8 hidden channels where your press releases have long and lasting impressions:

1. Bloomberg Terminal: The Market Leader

Bloomberg Terminal offers subscription-based software that offers financial market data, analysis, content and trading capabilities to business professionals. With its dominant 33% market share in the financial world, Bloomberg terminal is a powerhouse.

It is a fast track to widespread visibility and offers unparalleled reach among finance professionals. For instance, Bloomberg News is read by more than 325,000 terminal subscribers.

This platform is renowned for its ability to access, compile and analyze information within the financial industry. In addition, thousands of investors, analysts, and media worldwide access these screens.

Bloomberg Terminal’s unmatched real-time financial data and analytics make it the perfect channel for getting your press release into influential hands.

2. EIKON: The Cost-Effective Challenger

Next, Refinitiv Eikon claims second spot in the financial data market with about 20% market share.

Here, financial professionals can access press releases directly within the platform. This allows them to stay informed about market-moving news, company updates and earnings reports alongside relevant financial information and market trends.

This strong platform for financial professionals offers real-time, in-depth market data, analytics, trading tools and communication features.

3. FactSet: The Value Choice

FactSet is the third major player in the financial data industry, serving approximately 8,000 clients, 190,000 users and generating $2.09 billion in revenue in fiscal 2023.

In fact, this platform enhances targeted visibility and data integration that ensures press releases are seen by a global audience of financial experts and investors. As well, relevant financial analytics link up with your press releases.

FactSet is particularly valued by investment bankers for its comprehensive financial data and robust functionality.

4. Dow Jones Factiva – The Research Powerhouse

Factiva offers a comprehensive collection of research including global news, business data and company information. Furthermore, it aggregates content from over 33,000 global sources, 200 countries and 32 languages.

Content comes from newspapers, journals and magazines, making it a valuable resource for in-depth research and analysis.

In addition, this platform is geared towards researchers, analysts, and business professionals conducting detailed analysis, market research or tracking trends over time.

Press releases on Factiva are part of a vast database that includes news articles, business information, and publications from around the world.

5. Newstex – The Niche Market Expander

Newstex distinguishes itself by offering content syndication and distribution services that extend your press release’s reach into niche markets and sectors.

Furthermore, it specializes in delivering content to blogs, video platforms, and social media, ensuring that a highly relevant audience sees and engages with your message.

Newstex’s ability to amplify content across diverse media channels makes it an indispensable tool for reaching specific demographic groups and interest areas. This enhances the overall impact of your press release strategy.

6. Cengage – The Educational Broadcaster

Cengages’ databases offer an impactful and extensive route for your press releases into the educational sector. In fact, this channel exposes your news to Cengage’s global audience of over 30 million learners, educators, and researchers across more than 120 countries.

With Cengage, your press release gains access to a network of libraries and academic institutions, enriching the educational content landscape. This process is selective, based on the content’s relevance and Cengage’s publisher agreements, ensuring meaningful exposure.

In summary, utilizing Cengage’s databases amplifies your press release’s visibility. This unique channel demonstrates the significant role your news plays in the global exchange of knowledge and education.

7. Lexis Nexis – The Professional Connector

LexisNexis provides rapid access to vital information, including 600 company and financial sources, over 300 industry sources, and more than 200 executive and biographical profiles. Importantly, it’s a repository of over 5 billion documents from more than 35,000 sources, dating back to 1976.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that your press release is seen and utilized by professionals across key sectors such as legal, corporate, government, and academia.

Moreover, LexisNexis connects your news with decision-makers and industry influencers who rely on accurate, timely information for critical decision-making.

8. Newsbank – The Global Librarian

NewsBank elevates your press releases with access to an extensive network of more than 12,000 global news sources, including over 5,000 exclusive partners. This broad reach extends your news beyond traditional scopes, reaching audiences in public libraries, educational institutions, and professional sectors.

Furthermore, with key resources like Access World News, the world’s largest and fastest-growing news archive, your press release integrates into a highly valued collection. This vast exposure ensures your content reaches and impacts a diverse, renewing customer base.

In conclusion, leveraging NewsBank positions your news within a trusted platform that supports comprehensive research and education. Your content gains prominence, contributing to a global repository that’s been enhancing information access for over 50 years.

The Strategic Importance of the 8 Hidden Press Release Channels

These platforms are not merely channels; they’re gateways to important decision-makers and influencers within the capital markets. By tapping into these reservoirs of influence, you can strategically position your press release to shape market perceptions and outcomes.

How the Hidden Press Release Channels Maximize Value for Newswire Customers

The hidden value in these eight channels is the targeted access they provide to an elite audience.

This isn’t just about broad reach; it’s also about the right reach. Furthermore, as a newswire customer, this means this is an unparalleled opportunity to make your press releases count. You can influence the influencers in a way that public platforms simply cannot match.


The secret to impactful press release distribution lies not just in what is said, but where it is heard. This means that as the landscape of information continues to evolve, the power of hidden news channels remains a constant force for those looking to make a real impact. Furthermore, with Newsfile, your message goes beyond the public eye, directly to the heart of where decisions are happening and futures are shaping.



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