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Earned Media Success Stories: Leon's Furniture and Cerilon

The exposure we received through Newsfile's targeted distribution was phenomenal, significantly boosting our project's visibility and aligning perfectly with our growth objectives.

Audrey Hyams Romoff, Leon's Furniture

Are you struggling to get your company's story noticed by the media? Earned media, the publicity you gain through methods other than paid advertising, can significantly enhance your brand's visibility and credibility.

In this article, we will look at the earned media success stories of Leon's Furniture and Cerilon, and how they achieve impressive earned media with Newsfile.

Earned Media Defined


Understanding the Role of Newsfile in Earned Media Success Stories

In the realm of public relations, earned media is highly valued because it lends authenticity, trust and a broad reach to your messaging—often higher authenticity and trust than paid ads.

The success stories of our clients clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of Newsfile in securing coveted earned media positions.

For more examples of how Newsfile can transform your PR and IR efforts, check out our blog on real success stories with Newsfile.

Addressing Common Earned Media Questions

Some may wonder how Newsfile matches up against other newswires in achieving impactful earned media.

Well at Newsfile, we leverage strategic insights to ensure that companies of all sizes receive extensive media coverage. Our successful track record confirms our ability to amplify your message across diverse global platforms.

Newsfile's Press Release Distribution Strategy for Earned Media

Our approach is targeted and thoughtful. We don’t just send out your press releases; we ensure they reach the right journalists and media outlets.

This strategic distribution is aligned with industry standards and is designed to maximize engagement and results.

Case Studies Demonstrating Earned Media Success: Leon's Furniture & Cerilon

Through the examples of Leon’s Furniture and Cerilon, we'll show you just how Newsfile helps navigate the complexities of media distribution to secure extensive coverage.

These success stories reflect the strength of our strategy and the significant benefits of using our services. For more in-depth success stories, visit our blog.

Leon's Furniture - A Testimony to Strategic Press Release Distribution for Earned Media Success

Leon’s Furniture is a leading furniture retailer in Canada, known for its extensive range of home furnishings and exceptional customer service.

Recently, Leon’s Furniture reached out to ask if Newsfile could reach major outlets like TorStar, CTV, and BNN. Although these sites do not host press release content, Newsfile assured Leon’s that we send all releases to these outlets, where they will write about them if they are deemed newsworthy.

Newsfile distributed a press release for Leon’s about a significant development project near Highway 401 in Toronto.

Click Press Release Below

Leon's Furniture Press Release

Leon's Receives Earned Media with Newsfile

Our collaboration with Leon’s Furniture resulted in impressive earned media coverage in prestigious publications. Here are some of the articles that featured their announcement:

These examples highlight how effectively Newsfile’s targeted press releases can amplify your company’s presence and credibility.

Positive Earned Media Results for Leon's Furniture

Leon’s Furniture is thrilled with the outcome. The widespread media attention they receive demonstrates our ability to engage effectively with the media and significantly boost their project’s visibility.

The exposure we received through Newsfile's targeted distribution was phenomenal, significantly boosting our project's visibility and aligning perfectly with our growth objectives.

Audrey Hyams Romoff, Leon's Furniture

The success of Leon’s Furniture showcases the power of strategic press release distribution.

Cerilon's Success Story with Newsfile

Cerilon Inc. operates in the energy sector, focusing on innovative solutions and partnerships to advance the energy transition.

Recently, Cerilon announced a licensing agreement with Chevron to use its proven suite of Hydroprocessing technologies at their proposed Gas-To-Liquids (GTL) facility in North Dakota—a project that promises to transform the energy landscape.

Newsfile helped distribute this pivotal news in a press release, ensuring it reached key industry players and media outlets.

Cerilon's Strategic Earned Media Win with Newsfile

Our collaboration with Cerilon resulted in excellent earned media coverage in prestigious publications.

This effective media engagement is demonstrated in the following articles about the announcement, featured in prominent outlets:


These examples highlight how effectively Newsfile's targeted press releases can amplify your company's presence and credibility.


At Newsfile, we tailor our approach to ensure your news not only reaches but resonates with the right audience.

Ready to enhance your media presence? Partner with Newsfile and let's craft your earned media success story.



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