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VRIC 2024 Reflections: Newsfile’s Key Takeaways

VRIC 2024

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC) 2024, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, was a crucial event for the junior mining sector. Newsfile’s team from Vancouver and Toronto joined over 300 companies and 5,000 investors, ready to gather key insights from this significant industry gathering.

Amidst the bustling atmosphere and dynamic interactions, Newsfile’s Vince West shared his observations on the conference’s environment:

The conference was well attended and there were great networking opportunities. Vince West, Newsfile (Vancouver)

Event host Jay Martin revealed that 24% of the audience was under the age of 40, and 8% was under the age of 25. These demographics revealed a new, younger type of investor coming out to learn about raw materials.

Insights from Industry Leaders

VRIC 2024 stood out not only for its scale but also for the caliber of its participants.

Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” was among the 100+ keynote speakers, bringing a unique perspective on macro finance and investment strategies.

His bullish outlook on commodities and resources in 2024 emphasized VRIC 2024 as the pivotal place for learning about this important asset class.

The conference delved into important global trends, including de-globalization and resource security, offering deep insights into the mining sector.

As well, from commodity forecasts to investment opportunities, VRIC provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and prospects facing the sector.

Uranium was a hot topic at the conference, as well as some smaller companies merging with larger companies. So, some consolidation is happening. Helen Bilhete, Newsfile (Toronto)

The Newsfile Experience: Networking and Trends

Newsfile’s team engagement at VRIC was a blend of strategic networking and keen observation of industry trends.

Falisha Rehan, attending VRIC for the first time, highlighted the importance of personal connections:

This was my first time attending VRIC and I found it to be quite a large event! I realized that the most meaningful connections are built face to face and I noticed a lot of investor conversations taking place. Falisha Rehan, Newsfile (Vancouver)

Her experience highlighted the value of direct interactions in fostering meaningful business relationships in the investment world.

According to Martin, 35% of the conference attendees had never been to the VRIC event before.

Tracy Balatbat from Newsfile reflected on the bustling nature of the event:

VRIC is always the best time to have a quick but meaningful chat with clients. Tracy Balatbat, Newsfile (Vancouver)

This was a testament to the vitality of the resource investment sector and VRIC 2024’s role in fostering vital industry relationships.


At VRIC 2024, Newsfile gathered crucial insights in the mining and investment sectors. This event’s focus on critical commodities and evolving global trends equips us with unique perspectives, essential in guiding you through the future of resource investment.

Count on us to keep you informed and ahead in the ever-changing world of mining news and developments.


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