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6 Key Tips to Creating Better Content

In a time when audiences are at home more than ever, and consuming more news than ever, it’s crucial your content is appealing and anticipated - not something they just ignored. Here are some essential tips to keep your audience engaged. Here are a few tips to ensure your investment audience, as well as your company, get the most out of your news.

Build partnerships with niche reporters

Identifying news outlets and reporters who are passionate about your industry is key to gaining good media coverage outside of publishing through your owned channels. To build a valuable partnership, you must give them something to be excited about, something they can bring back to their audience and present in an engaging way. Perfect your pitching skills to bring them a story they can’t turn down.

Brainstorm agenda setting & framing

Agenda setting: First and foremost, the story you want to convey must be newsworthy. Does it affect a lot of people? Is it compelling? Ensure your news is enticing enough to gain views and attraction.

Framing: The way a story is framed affects the way audiences can feel about a certain subject or issue. Will it affect their wallet in a positive or negative way? Use your storytelling as a tool to influence your readers and tap into their aspirations. Find your “Hook”

Your hook is what’s going to draw your audience in and make them want to learn more. This could be in the form of an engaging headline, an interesting image, an informative video or even a thought-provoking question or amazing statistic. Identifying a hook is challenging for even the most experienced PR professional and so a lot of brainstorming is required.

Make sure your hook has HART:

  1. Helpful - Your news needs to leave audiences informed and up to date. Can they learn something new from this? Will it help their decision making? Your news should serve a purpose.

  2. Accurate - Providing accurate and truthful information is key to gaining and maintaining credibility. Do your research. A well-researched story prepares you to answer any follow-up questions from investors or reporters.

  3. Relevant - Ask yourself, what is everyone talking about these days? Relate your news to current trends and topics within your industry.

  4. Timely - Even if the basis of your story seems a little dated, anything can be spruced up with a fresh angle.

Know your audience

Knowing as much about your audience as possible makes it easier to pinpoint how best to reach and engage them. Find out who's reading your news, what their general opinions are, and what type of media they consume. Know your objective

Having a clear objective in mind is essential to planning out the focus of your message. Are you trying to attract new investors? Keep existing investors informed? Taking your main goal into account when creating your content will help keep you on the right track. Keep your message clear and concise

Of course, your message should have depth. However, the way you present it should be straightforward so that your audience is not left deciphering it. Your information should be short and to the point, keeping the 5 W’s in mind. Incorporating visuals like images, videos, and graphs is a great way to tell your story without drowning it in text.



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