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7 Ways Newsfile Enhances Your Distribution Service

Choosing Newsfile means choosing a team of results-driven experts committed to delivering the best personal service. By handling each and every client with courtesy and care, we pride ourselves on what is known as the Newsfile Difference.

Here are seven ways that committing to results with Newsfile enhances your experience with filing and news distribution.

1. Newsfile is the standard of customer care for your story

Newsfile’s client-focused service sets us apart from the rest by putting you first. Every member of our team is eager to connect with clients on a personal level and go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy and satisfied.

2. We generate more ROI by growing your investor brand community through our dedicated team of experts Newsfile is a one-stop-shop, providing all disclosure needs for your company including newswire, SEDAR, EDGAR, SEDI insider reporting and webcasting. By minimizing your to-do list, your team has more time to focus on other top priority business objectives.

By working with us, you’ll get the most from your news distribution by leveraging multimedia, reporting and analytics, fax and email broadcasting – as well as global distribution.

3. Best in-class service

At Newsfile, you’ll find service and support like no other in the industry. We’re trusted by over 150 North American and international investment managers and over 1,000 publicly listed companies to circulate stories around the globe. Not only is our team personally available to you at any time, our website also includes resources to help you curate your news to ensure releases meet newswire guidelines.

With clients being top of mind at Newsfile, security is never overlooked. Our experienced team of IT experts is committed to keeping your news and information safe, while actively looking for and combating any existing threats.

4. Big player standards in distribution offerings Newsfile offers multiple top-of-the-line distribution options that can be individually tailored to each company’s needs. Whether you’d like your news to stay within Canada, reach all of North America or even go worldwide, Newsfile has you covered.

Our Industry specialized circulation ensures your stories will be seen by investors, analysts, institutions, cover publications, websites, blogs, social media and even influencers specific to your business.

Newsfile offers direct feeds to major broker terminals including Thomson Reuters Eikon, Thomson One, and Bloomberg Terminal, while ensuring compliance with all Stock Exchanges. 5. Excellent content creation/deployment process

Every press release that comes through to our team is handled with care and attention to detail. We ensure all content is up to your standards, as well as the standards of our downstream partners. The process is simple – you send us your job requests and our team takes care of the rest, including processing and distributing.

When using our easy-to-follow Compliance Management Portal, registered clients can submit detailed news and filing requests, view account information and manage mailing lists. Clients also have access to the Newsfile Report. This report updates in real time, providing graphs and lists to illustrate where in the world your story is being read, the number of views in the first 48 hours and much more. 6. Fair and transparent prices

Newsfile offers straight-forward, all-in pricing with no hidden fees or fine print. Whether your company is large or small, we can provide customized packages to ensure all of your newswire and filing needs are met at a fair rate. Flexible billing options are always available to you and your clients.

Receiving fee estimates for annual filings is quick and easy by using our fee calculator, which sends an estimate straight to your email. Newsfile has the ability to pay any filing fees for you to further shorten your to-do list.

7. Every day, for every client

Newsfile’s commitment is delivering the best personal service to each and every client we serve from anywhere around the globe. That’s why our team is accessible and responsive 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

We want to make sure that you never have to worry about missing deadlines. With our team spanning east to west across Canada, we always ensure your newswire and filing needs are acknowledged promptly after receiving them, no matter what time of day.

Working with our team of experienced professionals is the first step in enhancing your distribution service. By committing to results with Newsfile, your news will turn into a success story.



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