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15 Most Impressive Event, ESG & Summer Press Releases from June

With the summer upon us, events are in full swing as we get outdoors to enjoy what there is to offer. I'm featuring fifteen press releases in June that caught our attention when it came to highlighting special corporate events, summer announcements and ESG (environment, social & governance) corporate news.

Here at Newsfile, we invite you to take a look at these releases so that you can see what other brands are effectively using in their PR and IR press release strategies - and you can apply what you learn to your own press releases.

High Performing Event Press Releases in May/June

On the heels of COVID-19, in-person events are opening up and becoming very popular. Brands are excited to showcase and experience a wide variety of events and press releases are helping to spread the news.

Whether you are looking to spread your message about celebrating corporate events, mining, music, sports, fashion, travel, culture, healthcare or any other event, the following press releases show how you can get your own event message out.

Impressive Event Press Releases from June

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) celebrated Tourism Week in June

Impressive Press Releases That Showcase Summer Announcements

We all love summer vacation and travel and companies also have their own summer plans. Take a look at these companies that announce summer product releases and programs.

Impressive ESG Press Releases in May/June

Press releases that showcase ESG (environment, social & governance) policies are very popular right now and this trend will not be disappearing anytime soon. In fact, many companies publish ESG or sustainability reports for shareholders and all stakeholders.

Whether you are already reporting or chatting about ESG or are making plans to incorporate it into your company's strategy going forward, the following press releases will get you in-the-know about this hot topic.

Your company's story is important. You can showcase your corporate events, summer announcements and ESG news in your own press releases.

We hope the press releases showcased here serve as inspiration and guidance for your own press releases. Have a great summer!

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Ready to get your press release out there? Just leave everything to us!

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