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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Ideas for Coworkers and Employees

Are you looking for a 2022 holiday gift guide idea for your coworker or employee this year? Maybe you're thinking about getting a group employee gift for your boss?

Well, we have you covered for the 2022 holiday season with the following great gift ideas for all budgets.

Games & Activities

The work day can be long and everyone needs a break. If you are looking for a fun and quick midday break, consider playing games like Bananagrams or Boggle to get your creative word juices flowing.

The Office-themed UNO card game or the speedy version of monopoly are fun to play at lunch.

If video games are more your speed, how about a mini desktop arcade game? Or, if you're looking to up your putt, then check out this cool PGA Tour putter or try a mini golf sand trap conversation starter for your desk.

Whatever you choose, this great list of the 50 best board games of all time will help you find something you like.

Get Organized with the 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

While it might not sound glamorous, there are some great gift ideas that can help employees get organized. First off, choose from this great list of the best wireless chargers to help you stay connected.

A cool desktop vacuum cleaner is certain to position the lucky recipient as the envy of the office.

Do you ever lose your favourite pen? No problem - try this futuristic pen that hovers at an angle in the air.

Refreshment Time

Why not start off the day right with a mug warmer to keep your coffee or tea warm on your desk. But to start, treat your co-worker to a coffee subscription box like the Trade Coffee Subscription in the US or a Parachute Coffee Subscription in Canada. Or, how about a top tea wheel?

For colder drinks, a Hydro Flask or one of the 12 Best Water Bottles of 2022 will keep you hydrated. Also, you can keep your drinks cool in a retro-inspired mini fridge right on top of your desk.

If you decide to dine in for lunch, bring your very own modern bento-style design lunchbox container. Alternatively, keep your food warm in an electric food heater lunch box.

In the afternoon, don't put too much thought into what's for dinner. Instead, just use a smart air fryer that links to Alexa or Google Assistant

Zen & Comfort with the Holiday Gift Guide

It's a great idea to ensure you're as comfortable as can be during the workday. Some great under desk footrests in 2022 can help alleviate pent up stress and fatigue.

A cooling ice roller can provide cool relief or an instant pick-me-up and this is a great option for your coworker who is into skincare.

Beautiful Christmas hand-crafted desktop succulents are just the thing to start getting in the holiday spirit and a fun coworker candle will show coworkers that you care.

Positive Affirmations

Oprah Winfrey is personally endorsing these unique soaps with words of encouragement in her esteemed 2022 holiday gift guide.

Alternatively, if you're looking for something more on the funny side of things, rip off a page everyday from this humorous and encouraging 2023 desk calendar.


This 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for coworkers and employees is designed to give you gift inspiration as we head into the 2022 holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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