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42 Essential AI Prompts for IR Professionals in 2024

According to a PwC report, 72% of business leaders termed AI as a “business advantage.” Artificial Intelligence is advancing rapidly, and professionals in investor relations are quickly adopting AI prompts for IR and technologies to improve their strategies. To fully leverage this tech in your field, crafting precise AI prompts is crucial for targeted and successful outcomes.

In the constantly evolving AI landscape, IR professionals must excel at creating precise AI prompts for effective financial reporting, investor engagement and crisis management. This article offers AI prompts to help IR professionals enhance outcomes and address communication needs more effectively.

Utilize the prompts below to assist with tasks and gain valuable insights. They do not require the input of sensitive or confidential corporate information.

AI Prompts for Investor Relations

AI Prompts for Investor Relations

As an investor relations professional, you can use AI in many different ways. For example, AI can enhance your financial reporting precision, improve investor engagement or ensure expert compliance in communications.

Just last month, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger expressed openness to using AI-driven avatars for earnings calls, while Box CEO Aaron Levie demonstrated AI’s swift aggregation and analysis of earnings information.  Matt Joanou, Forbes

AI Prompts for Financial Reporting and Investor Engagement

Financial reporting is vital for any business. To enhance it and engage investors effectively, we’ve gathered AI prompts that enhance key aspects such as summarizing performance, crafting engaging communications, and addressing inquiries. These prompts aim to improve transparency and strengthen investor relations.

1. Summarize key points from [company’s] last quarter financial performance.

2. Summarize [company’s] major achievements and future outlook from its latest earnings report.

3. Create potential questions investors might ask about [company’s] recent quarterly performance and draft concise, informative responses.

4. Create a script for addressing FAQs in [company’s] earnings call.

5. Create an engaging introduction for [company’s] annual report.

6. What are the key industry benchmarks of the [industry type] industry?

7. Draft an engaging email for [company website address’s] quarterly investor newsletter, incorporating any details about [company] for relevance.

8. Generate a list of topics for [company website address’s] next investor webinar.

9. Develop investor personas for tailored communication strategies for [company website address’s] [key business].

10. Draft an agenda for [company website address’s] annual shareholder meeting to reflect the current issues, strategic priorities, and operational focus of [company website address].

11. Generate a summary of shareholder feedback for [company].

AI Prompts for Strategic IR Development and Feedback Analysis

Did you know that 75% of investors use digital sources to make investment decisions? Social media for investor relations or any form of monitoring, listening and analysis across different channels will provide you with more tools to enhance your IR strategy. If you are looking for effective investor relations strategies then the following AI prompts can help.

12. Explain financial hedging methods for [company] [(company stock exchange: company stock ticker)] against [industry] price volatility, including current specific instruments and stock exchange examples.

13. Suggest the most specific, actionable and innovative IR strategies for a [industry] startup.

14. Plan a communication timeline for a major merger announcement.

15. Identify current market trends for strategic IR planning in the [industry description] industry.

16. Compile key takeaways from recent investor surveys for [company] [(company stock exchange: company stock ticker)].

17. Generate a report format for quarterly investor feedback for [company] [(company stock exchange: company stock ticker)].

18. Analyze investor communication trends for improved strategies for [company] [(company stock exchange: company stock ticker)].

19. Analyze recent news articles and social media trends about [company’s] industry to identify investor sentiments and concerns.

20. Summarize public financial and operational data of [company’s] key competitors to highlight [company’s] competitive advantages.

21. Suggest innovative strategies for [company’s] investor engagement in the current market scenario, based on publicly available industry trends.

22. Create detailed investor personas to tailor [company website address’s] communication and investor materials effectively.

AI Prompts for Compliance and Crisis Management in IR

AI can help you navigate regulatory changes, update ESG initiatives and develop crisis responses or lessons for dealing with investors in a crisis. This ensures transparency and effective investor communication in many varied scenarios.

23. Identify upcoming regulatory changes in the [industry description] industry and outline a corporate communication strategy incorporating these changes.

24. Compose an update on ESG initiatives.

25. Report on emerging regulatory trends in the [industry type] industry.

26. Create a stock market fluctuation response plan for [company] [(company stock exchange: company stock ticker)], focusing on actions specific to the [industry description] industry.

27. Script a sensitive communication to investors about a management change [company] [(company stock exchange: company stock ticker)].

28. Create scenarios and responses for hypothetical market crises to [company] [company stock exchange: company stock ticker].

29. Develop a concise ESG strategy overview for investor briefings, focusing on major sustainability achievements, social initiatives, and governance practices for [company].

30. Create detailed investor personas to tailor [company’s] communication and investor materials effectively.

31. Provide guidelines for crafting risk disclosures in [company’s] financial reports, reflecting current market conditions and regulatory requirements.

AI Prompts for Targeted Messaging and IR Initiatives

Connecting with investors and shareholders is at the top of the list of priorities for many. In fact, AI can help you tailor messaging to specific audiences. Automating some of these tasks will free up time to focus on your full list of priorities. Plus, don’t forget to improve your investor relations website.

32. Develop a personalized message to long-term investors of [company] [(company stock exchange: company stock ticker)].

33. Suggest enhancements for our investor relations website content to improve investor engagement and information accessibility: [insert investor relations website address].

34. Create an investor update on the following R&D progress: [insert previous corporate stock exchange compliance announcement].

35. Segment [company’s] investors for customized messaging.

36. Plan an IR campaign with timelines and important details for a new sustainability project.

37. Outline a year-end message for [company] highlighting company milestones over the last year.

38. Predict the impact of [company’s] IR campaigns on investor perception.

39. Draft a structured agenda for [company’s] annual shareholder meeting that includes major business updates, shareholder voting items, and Q&A sessions.

AI Prompts for IR Training and Development

Implementing training and development in your IR department will pay dividends. Ensure that your whole team progresses and can collaborate to share skills with one another. Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and cultivate a culture of continuous learning.

40. Suggest topics for an IR team training session.

41. Draft an IR best practices guide for new team members.

42. Develop a curriculum on emerging IR technologies.


AI is transforming investor relations, offering new efficiencies in financial reporting and engagement. Embrace these AI prompts to stay ahead in this evolving field. Let’s innovate together and shape the future of investor relations.



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