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5 Powerful Sustainability Press Release Examples, Featuring Barbie

Are you looking for great sustainability press release examples? Ones that can give you inspiration and ideas for your own sustainability press releases? Well, the Barbie brand's sustainability news releases will give you the inspiration that you need.

We've curated the following sustainability press release examples just for you.

Why You Should Send Out ESG News

The numbers are backing up why you should be concerned with sustainability and sending out more ESG news.

For example, according to PwC’s Asset and Wealth Management Revolution 2022 report, global ESG-focused institutional investment is expected to soar 84% to US$33.9 trillion in 2026.

Furthermore, PwC states that Canadian organizations are talking about ESG more seriously but unprepared for upcoming mandatory reporting requirements. In addition to this, the SEC is pushing for more ESG reporting.

As sustainability reporting requirements are expected to rise, now is a good time to hone in on perfecting your sustainability press releases.

Environmental Sustainability Press Release Example

Mattel's environmental press release announces its first fashion doll line made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Not only is the company committed to the environment, but it wants you to know about it.

The Future of Pink is Green campaign is displayed front and centre in the press release with a high quality graphic of three environmentally-friendly Barbie dolls.

This environmental campaign also features the Dr. Jane Goodall Barbie. Along with this, Barbie has a roots & shoots partnership with the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute, promoting conservation and animal welfare.

Mattel is committed to protecting the planet through a series of eco-friendly initiatives. Furthermore, it has a goal of creating 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials in both products and packaging by 2030.

Diversity & Inclusion Press Release Samples

Out of all the sustainability and ESG areas, Barbie sends out the most press releases about its diversity and inclusion efforts.

The following press release introduces the first doll with Down syndrome.


Research shows that 35% of an employee’s emotional investment in their work and 20% of their desire to stay within their existing company depends on how included they feel in their workplace.

Companies that embrace D&I develop products and company operations based on these principles.

The following press release highlights Barbie's focus on gender diversity.

As well, the press release explains about an important collaboration with MTV and provides a personal touch with a quote from Lisa McKnight, SVP and Global Head of Barbie & Dolls, Mattel.

Philanthropy Press Release Samples

Barbie sends out press releases announcing collaborations with various charitable organizations such as Save the Children and Habitat for Humanity International.

For instance, the following press release announces how Barbie helps to build homes during The Barbie Dreamhouse 60th anniversary.

Moreover, special edition dolls support various charitable causes and the company promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and careers for girls.

Another initiative known as the Barbie Dream Gap Project is committed to helping girls reach their full potential.

In the following press release, Barbie pledges to donate a doll to the children of the first responders of COVID-19. This happens every time an eligible career doll is sold.

This press release clearly communicates Barbie's charitable efforts that directly tie into important events.

Barbie's sustainability press releases clearly convey the corporate ESG messages. This is achieved with clear and descriptive messaging, powerful graphics, great headlines and effective sustainability campaigns.

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