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How to Attain Fall Triumph in PR & Press Releases

As the leaves begin to turn and a crispness fills the air, it's time for businesses and PR professionals to turn over a new leaf as well. This is a time to embrace the vibrant opportunities that the fall season offers for PR & press releases.

7 Ways to Leverage the Power of the Fall Season in PR & Press Releases

Fall-themed PR & press releases can help your company leverage the autumn season to boost its news reach and communication efforts.

  1. Showcase seasonal products

  2. Harness social media

  3. Tailor your messaging

  4. Create engaging content

  5. Build Seasonal Connection & Anticipation

  6. Link to tradition & holidays

  7. Seasonal events & promotions

Showcase Seasonal Products in Press Releases

You can showcase seasonal products in your press releases to leverage the popularity of the fall season, generate excitement and drive sales.

For example, Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte is one of the most iconic products for sale in the fall. In fact, millions of people look forward to purchasing this drink every year since its introduction in 2003.

The image in this press release showcases the delicious pumpkin spice latte. It also features two new seasonal beverages – Iced Apple Crisp Oatmilk Shaken Espresso and Iced Pumpkin Cream Chai Tea Latte.

Click thumbnail image below to view press release

Harness Social Media

Brands are engaging their audiences in social media to amplify press releases and PR. In addition, tips concerning social media for investor relations are popular. As a result, sales are increasing.

In the following marketing campaign, Starbucks collaborates with Ed Sheeran on Instagram to promote the popular Pumpkin Spice Latte.

This campaign captures the spirit of fall by using Ed Sheeran as a powerful influencer to drive engagement.

The buzz and success generated by this partnership is seen in an uptick in social media engagements. For example, Sheeran’s post on Instagram is seeing more than 400k engagements and is rising.

Oreo leverages the popularity of TikTok to promote its pumpkin spice cookie.

Then, the company goes one step further to show viewers how to make a pumpkin spice jar. In this case, Oreo provides viewers with real world recipe examples to extend the use of its fall product.

Target’s $5 pumpkin gumball machine hit store shelves just in time for the popular fall season.

It is featured on TikTok on a Target store shelf. Then, it is shown in a home that has the warm glow of a candle and a comforting fall ambience.

Lastly, this cozy video demonstrates how the machine is being filled with M&Ms, as a practical way to show how the product works.

Primark is a leading international clothing retailer based out of Dublin, Ireland. In addition, the company offers a wide selection of home decor options.

The following TikTok video amplifies Primark’s PR efforts. For instance, viewers are able to see a wide selection of fall and pumpkin decor. This increases interest in a variety of fall decor.

Tailor Your Messaging in Press Releases

Test how you can adapt press release messaging, language, and visuals for the fall season. For example, you can use fall-related words or create a play on words for the fall theme.

Recently, Bath & Body Works published a press release announcing over 35 fall fragrances. The retailer drew inspiration from the ingredients that make the sights, scents, and flavors of the autumn season unique and beautiful.

As an added touch, the use of the word ‘wonderfall‘ in the headline demonstrates a clever play on words for the season.

Click thumbnail image below to view press release

Using autumn-related words builds anticipation for the season’s news and offerings.

Words to infuse your news stories with thoughts of autumn include cozy, colourful leaves, foliage, gold, red, orange, harvested vegetables, crisp, apple, sweater and cinnamon.

Additional descriptive words you can use in your fall press releases include scarecrow, spice, chilly, pumpkin, warmth, comfort, acorns, pinecones, candles, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Create Engaging Content

It is important for you to create engaging and shareable content within your press releases.

For example, use vivid fall images and descriptions to enhance your press releases. Moreover, you can use high quality images, videos, infographics, tables or charts.

Build Seasonal Connection & Anticipation

Many people look forward to the changing of seasons. As summer winds down, fall is looked upon with a sense of excitement.

Gap takes advantage of the anticipation for the fall season in the following press release. Specifically, consumers look forward to changing to cooler weather fashion as a crispness fills the air.

The company showcases its iconic fall fashion in a block of 15 photos displaying highly anticipated fall fashion.

Click thumbnail image below to view press release

During this time, many brands offer fall promotions and products. Furthermore, brands often tie in emotional and sensory aspects of fall to convey news.

Link to Tradition & Holidays

Certain traditions and rituals are associated with autumn. For example, apple picking, pumpkin carving, Halloween, back-to-school and Thanksgiving are highly anticipated fall traditions. Furthermore, they create a sense of community and nostalgia, and capture the spirit of the season.

Ensure that the messaging in your PR and press releases is tied to fall traditionsWinning education press releases from around the world provide strong examples for linking with the fall theme.

Seasonal Events & Promotions

As the fall foliage season begins in many parts of the world, travel and tourism organizations often release information about scenic autumn destinations, fall festivals, and special travel packages.

Press releases can effectively communicate the details and benefits of fall tourism events and promotions. Make sure you add a colourful fall image for an added visual effect.

As the glowing red, orange and gold colours of harvested vegetables grace the landscape and smells of apples and pinecones fill the chilly air, we are reminded of the spectacular fall season.

You can embrace this time of the year by enjoying all the fun fall traditions and activities it has to offer. As well, if you leverage this magical fall season in your PR and press release efforts, you will experience increasing visibility for your company.




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