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How to Find the Best Press Release Distribution Service in 2023

Did you know that there are seven important factors that you should look at when trying to find the best press release distribution service in 2023? Discovering these top factors will help you pick out the best press release distribution service.

An increasing number of people have been getting their news online. Moreover, 52% of US adults prefer to get their news digitally.

The best press release distribution service helps get your press releases in the right spots online, with the best service and results. In addition, this improves the PR branding for your organization.

We’ve done all the work for you and compiled a list of the seven most important factors you should look for when trying to select the best press release distribution service.

Best Press Release Distribution Service: 7 Factors to Know for PR

Corine Blain is a 22-year veteran of the newswire industry and manager of client relations and business development at Newsfile. She chatted with us about her extensive press release industry knowledge and experience.

According to Corine, there are seven things you should look for in a press release distribution service to help your PR strategy.

7 Best Press Release Distribution Factors You Should Know for PR

Consider the 7 factors below in selecting your press release distribution service and strategy.

Undoubtedly, this will help ensure that your press release receives earned media coverage in the right places and increases your company’s branding and sales leads.

  1. Does Your Press Release Distributor Partner With Stock Exchanges?

  2. Top Newswires Offer Extensive, Relevant & Accurate Media Distribution Lists

  3. Speed Can Make a Big Difference

  4. Extra Features Vary Among Press Release Distributors

  5. Look for the Right Press Release Results or Analytics

  6. Pay Attention to Different Levels of Reliability & Flexibility

  7. Ease of Use in Press Release Distribution Platforms & Services is Important

Why Use 7 Best Press Release Distribution Factors in Your PR Strategy?

Press releases have long been part of effective public relations’ strategies. Furthermore, they continue to be used extensively by PR professionals.

Press releases can be a great way to amplify content and build awareness around your brand.  Qamar Zaman, Forbes

The immediate timing and wide availability of media outlets make distributing a press release extremely advantageous for businesses that want to access wider audiences. Online media outlets like blogs, social platforms, news journals and live streams are several examples of the distribution options businesses consist of to reach new markets and connect with prospective customers.  Indeed, 2022

1. Does Your Press Release Distributor Partner With Stock Exchanges?

Newswires that collaborate with stock exchanges have a significant positive impact on the distribution of press releases for public companies. In short, your press releases should be feeding into stock exchange platforms.

Stock Exchanges

Newsfile has direct feeds and integration with all North American Stock Exchanges.

For example, it has OTCIQ integration and direct feeds into Nasdaq, NYSE and NEO.

As well, Newsfile is an approved paid distribution newswire service for the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and is an approved service provider for the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

2. Top Newswire Services Offer Extensive, Relevant & Accurate Media Distribution Lists

Do you ever wonder if all newswires send press releases to the same media outlets, influencers, analysts and financial aggregators?

In short, the answer is no. Actually, every newswire service has its own individualized distribution list.

Look for a provider that ensures you are meeting stock exchange disclosure requirements and hitting extensive and relevant media outlets.

Extensive distribution lists – influencers, analysts, financial databases, media, broker terminals & more

Ensure that your newswire service sends press releases to well known stock market sites like Yahoo!, Bloomberg, TD Ameritrade, Thomson Reuters, TMX Money, Dow Jones, Benzinga, MarketWatch and Nasdaq.

In addition, press releases for private companies should reach targeted and effective media distribution points. Some of these points include Business Insider, Digital Journal, Financial Content and PostMedia.

Effective newswires have the best distribution offerings.

Relevant & accurate lists versus padded lists

Blain says to ensure your newswire’s media distribution list is not padded with company names that are duplicated, out of date or irrelevant. In effect, padded lists appear larger and more relevant than they actually are.

For example, lists that record or duplicate multiple physical branches or cities, even though there is only one main distribution point, appear to look larger than they actually are. Also, it is not necessary to include emails on lists.


Your newswire should provide a list to you that shows exactly where your press releases are sent.

Newsfile’s distribution lists are dynamically updated regularly and transparent – only media that post news are typically included on our lists and we offer free email distribution coming direct from the clients where additional edited media sites or journalists can be contacted. There is no padding and exaggerating on lists.

Corine Blain, Newsfile

3. Speed Can Make a Big Difference

A survey by Pew Research Center reveals that 82% of people say they often or sometimes get news from a smartphone, computer or tablet. This means that people are getting their news fast and expect things fast.

Different newswire services vary on the speed of processing press releases. Furthermore, the newswire industry is one where speed is very important. This is because stock exchanges require timely disclosure of press releases.

First-responder time

How long does it take your newswire service to respond to you after sending in your press release?

If you are looking for a newswire service, make sure to ask this question.

Completion times

Oftentimes, newswires establish guidelines for press release turnaround or completion times.

Typically, they try to allocate extra time to enable completion of the job.

Time responding to critical issues

Sometimes, companies discover that they accidentally put something in their press release after it was sent out.

The best newswires can respond quickly to these issues that can arise.

Pro-tip: Ask for a speed test

It’s a good idea to ask your newswire for a test press release to be formatted and sent back to you during peak business hours. This will ensure that you know the true speed of your provider and what to expect for longer press releases (eg. earnings press release). You can also compare newswire providers with a speed test.

Newsfile has been commended for speed on all releases, but particularly on their earnings releases that often far outperform other newswires. Corine Blain, Newsfile

4. Extra Features Vary Among Press Release Distributors

The best newswire companies will offer additional features that supplement and enhance the value of your press release.

Look for the following extra features:

  • Social media – press release alerts posted on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook

  • Email lists – email your press release to a list of company stakeholders

  • Video – incorporate video in your press release to grab readers attention

  • Webcasting & conference calling – host a virtual conversation or live event

By including videos and links to additional resources that can better support the topic of your press release and add value to its message, your organization could have a much greater chance of successfully attracting the right people. Jessica Starman, Forbes

5. Look for the Right Press Release Results or Analytics

After you send out your press release, it is only natural to want to see the results. The following analytics contain important information that will help you analyze the success of your press release distribution:

  • Views – a summary of where your readers are located

  • Clicks – number of times links in your release were clicked

  • Trends – compare the readership of your different press releases

  • Clips – locations where your news release was forwarded (eg. Yahoo! Finance)

  • Email Summary – email recipients who viewed or clicked on links in your release

  • Mentions – monitoring mentions of your release on news, blogs and discussion websites


Pro-tip: Watch for pricing simplicity, transparency & competitiveness

Is there an auto-renewal? Are you locked into a contract for 2 years? Will your newswire easily adjust your contract if you desire? Choose a newswire that doesn’t charge a lot for additional words or images you might want to add. Make sure your billing is straightforward and you can directly reach someone to ask questions.


6. Pay Attention to Different Levels of Reliability & Flexibility

Quite often, press releases contain sensitive corporate information that must be disseminated quickly and accurately. Actually, these press releases can change stock prices and move markets.

Sometimes, stock exchanges will actually halt the trading of a stock until you distribute your press release announcing a major corporate development.

Customer service

Are you able to directly get ahold of someone at your newswire who knows who you are? Secondly, can they react quickly to resolve any issues that arise? Lastly, do they have a good handle on your business and what it takes to send out your press release properly?

Amazon is always improving its customer service and features that enhance the buying experience.


Look for a competent team to work on your press releases. This team can confirm details and pay close attention to proof reading, timing, formatting and the finished product on downstream internet feeds and filings.

As well, they can suggest improvements on how to write a more effective press release that gets read. It goes without saying, the more these individuals get to know your preferences, the better.

Local Representatives

Local representatives make a difference and help to give clients peace of mind. In essence, there is added reassurance that the newswire can respond to its clients immediately or can meet up for an actual meeting if a client desires.

Newsfile has local representation and regularly assigned editors to specific company news to create familiarity and close relationships. Corine Blain, Newsfile


The newswire industry is constantly changing and the best newswires are flexible to embrace changing technologies and listen to client feedback.

Embrace new technologies

The emergence of social media has provided opportunities for newswires to offer press release alerts to social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s important to offer these services to expand the reach of press releases.

Listen to client feedback

Newswires that are willing to listen to clients and adjust practices based on important client feedback will perform better in the long run. These newswires will be poised to maintain relevancy and longevity in the future.

Therefore, you should look for examples of newswires providing flexibility.

Great companies like Canadian National Railway know what it takes to incorporate client feedback and offer customers more.

7. Ease of Use in Press Release Distribution Platforms & Services is Important

You don’t want to have to spend a lot of time in an “onboarding process” learning to submit a press release. Moreover, different press release portals contain little nuances and tricks.

Try a free trial

Ask for a free trial to see if submitting a press release is easy. In fact, you may discover you prefer one platform over another.

The best platforms offer the most user-friendly and uncomplicated interfaces.

Ease of contacting

Look for a newswire where you can reach someone directly 24/7.

The last thing you need is to have your call transferred from department to department or wait for someone to call you back. You also don’t want to be put on hold for an hour.

Press release distribution is an integral part of any PR strategy. Moreover, to succeed in PR, make sure you consider the 7 best factors for press release distribution. Indeed, your company will thank you for it.




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