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PR Pros' Holiday Toolkit: 5 Press Release Examples from Amazon to Starbucks (+ more)

Dive into the world of holiday PR with our essential toolkit, showcasing top press release examples from Amazon to Starbucks.

In addition, explore how our Top 5 Holiday Press Release Themes can inspire engaging, festive stories for any industry.

Get essential tips and inspiration to create standout holiday press releases and elevate your brand this festive season.

1. Top 5 Holiday Press Release Themes for Any Industry

Leverage the holiday season to showcase your brand's story with the following top five press release themes.

  • Product Launches or Special Editions

  • Holiday Sales or Promotions

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (eg. charity)

  • Holiday Industry Insights or Predictions

  • Company Milestones or Year-End Reviews

2. Top 5 Press Release Examples (+insights)

Discover how five leading brands effectively communicate their messages through innovative and impactful press releases.

You can tailor your own holiday press releases with the strategies learned here.

Starbucks: A Red Cup Tradition

For many, the commencement of the festive holiday season starts with Starbucks' announcement about the return of its holiday drinks and iconic red cups, according to TheStreet.

Last year, the company reported that the holiday season drove record revenue of 10% comp growth.

The following press release captures the warmth, joy and excitement of the holidays.

Click thumbnail image below to view press release

Key Takeaway

Starbucks masterfully creates a sense of tradition and nostalgia. Importantly, this emotional connection is something that any brand can match.

For your press releases, focus on how your products or services are part of holiday rituals or create new traditions. As well, encourage social media engagement by creating shareable moments, just like the first red cup of the season.

Duke Energy: Community First

Duke Energy’s campaign to fight hunger, particularly their commitment of nearly $400,000 in South Carolina, showcases their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

Harvard Business Review says that your customers are making purchases based on corporate purpose commitments and actions in 2023.

73% of consumers say to win their support, companies must show how they are supporting communities and the environment. (Porter Novelli Purpose Premium Index, PPI)

The following press release emphasizes community and goodwill, which aligns perfectly with the spirit of the holiday season.

Click thumbnail image below to view press release

Key Takeaway

Like Duke Energy, you can use your holiday press releases to highlight your company’s efforts in giving back to the community. This not only enhances your brand image but also resonates emotionally with your audience.

Visuals of real-world impact, like community service activities, add a layer of authenticity and relatability to your message.

Adobe: Harnessing Data Power

Adobe’s forecast of $221.8 billion in U.S. holiday season online sales provides valuable insights and positions them as an industry thought leader. Further, the company reveals that Cyber Monday sales are projected to top $12 billion.

Press release examples like the following effectively use data to paint a picture of consumer behavior during the holidays.

Click thumbnail image below to view press release

Key Takeaway

Adobe demonstrates the power of data-driven press releases and extends this even further to data messages on social networks, as seen below.

Incorporate industry data or consumer insights into your holiday press releases to add value and authority. This approach not only informs but also positions your brand as a knowledgeable resource in your industry.

Amazon: Prime Deals Buzz

Amazon's announcement of the Prime Big Deal Days is an excellent example of using a press release to create buzz around a sales event.

The release highlights special deals, encouraging early holiday shopping.

Click thumbnail image below to view press release

Key Takeaway

Follow Amazon’s lead by using press release examples that promote special events or sales. Detailing exclusive deals or limited-time offers in your press release can generate excitement and urgency.

However, the content must remain clear, concise, formal, newsworthy, and avoid being overly promotional or reading like an advertisement.

Additionally, you can Use social media to expand your message or integrate multimedia elements, like promotional videos, to further enhance your engagement and reach.

Deloitte: Projected Rise in Holiday Retail Sales

Deloitte's press release offers a detailed forecast of holiday retail sales, emphasizing their market analysis expertise and providing insights into upcoming consumer spending trends.

Overall, the company predicts holiday sales will total $1.54 to $1.56 trillion during the November to January timeframe.

In addition, Deloitte forecasts 2023 holiday e-commerce sales to grow between 10.3% and 12.8% over 2022 levels. Indeed, total e-commerce sales are projected between $278 billion and $284 billion.

Click thumbnail image below to view press release

Key Takeaway

Deloitte's press release highlights the company's expertise in market analysis and data-driven forecasting of holiday retail trends. Also, it provides essential insights for businesses planning their holiday strategies.

You can follow Deloitte's strategy to become an expert in your field, use data to predict holiday trends and clearly share these insights. This knowledge and analysis can help others.

3. Step-By-Step Guide for Crafting an Engaging Holiday Press Release

Creating holiday press releases that stand out is important. Learn the essential steps necessary to create festive, impactful communications, inspired by industry leaders.

Step 1: Choose a Relevant Theme - Choose a holiday press release theme that fits your brand, like product launches, special editions, holiday sales, CSR efforts, industry insights, or milestones.

Step 2: Develop a Compelling Narrative - Craft a narrative that captures the holiday spirit and evokes emotions like joy or nostalgia. Support your story with data for added authority, as seen in Adobe and Deloitte's approach.

Step 3: Emphasize Your Brand’s Unique Angle - Showcase how your brand enhances or creates holiday traditions. For CSR themes, like Duke Energy, emphasize your community contributions and positive impact.

Step 4: Write the Press Release - Create a captivating headline and a clear opening paragraph detailing the key aspects of your news. In the body, include detailed quotes and statistics. Conclude with a summary or call-to-action.

Step 5: Incorporate Visuals and Multimedia - Incorporate high-quality photos, infographics, or videos to enhance your narrative, and include multimedia elements like promotional videos for added impact.

Step 6: Conclusion and Call to Action - End with a powerful statement and a clear call-to-action engaging readers with your brand.

Step 7: Review and Edit - Carefully proofread for clarity and accuracy, and seek feedback to refine your press release.

Step 8: Distribute Effectively - Distribute your press release to specific industry media and time it strategically for maximum impact during the holiday season.

By following this guide, you can create holiday press releases that capture the festive spirit and effectively communicate your brand’s message and values.

4. Templates and Format Examples

Explore our ready-to-use templates and format examples for crafting effective holiday press releases. These practical tools are designed to help you efficiently communicate your brand's festive message across various themes.

Embrace the holiday season as an opportunity to create impactful PR campaigns that resonate with audiences. Use the insights from this toolkit to weave your brand's story into the holiday festivities.

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