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Ultimate Collection of 103 Press Release Ideas for 2023

You may already know how to write a great press release and avoid the worst press release mistakes that companies make. But, there are many different press release ideas that might not occur to you.

Furthermore, if you know the foolproof ways to make sure your press release gets read and you start coming up with more press release topics, your marketing, branding and PR results will improve.

In addition, try tying your press release ideas into current events or interesting trends.

Undoubtedly, this will make your news release even more appealing.

Categories for Press Release Ideas in 2023

Since there are so many different press release ideas that you can write about, it is helpful to organize all your ideas by category. Subsequently, this will make it easier for you to remember what constitutes a great press release topic.











Product, Service or Operational News

When you think of the day-to-day operations of your business, you might think about some great press release examples.

While not exhaustive, the comprehensive list below will get you started thinking about product, service or operational news examples.

  1. New product or service launch

  2. Discontinuing a product or service

  3. Product update

  4. Product partnership or collaboration with another company

  5. Product rebranding or name change

  6. New contracts

  7. Product recalls

  8. Product Purchase

  9. New technology

  10. Government contract

  11. Plant closing

  12. Plant opening

  13. Signing a well recognized client (consent should be given)

  14. Changes in product or service prices

  15. Crisis explained

  16. Major disruptions

Business Arrangement Press Release Ideas

Companies can advance towards specific strategic business goals in many ways. In addition to this, our list below contains some of the most common ways that companies can announce expansions or contractions.

  1. Initial public offering (IPO)

  2. Merger, acquisition or takeover

  3. Joint venture

  4. Divestiture (selling) of assets, subsidiaries, or divisions

  5. Downsizing

  6. Corporate reorganization

  7. Leveraged buyout

  8. Spin-off

  9. New business opening

  10. Relocation

  11. New office

  12. New expansion - regional, domestic, or global

Earnings & Financial Statement Announcements

Earnings and financial statement announcements are among the most anticipated corporate announcements each year.

Moreover, analysts, investors, shareholders, executives, employees and other stakeholders listen to these important announcements. Without a doubt, these announcements have a major impacts on stock prices and notably move markets.

  1. Corporate performance or earnings - annual and quarterly

  2. Earnings forecast

  3. Losses incurred

  4. Dividend announcement

  5. Stock options

  6. Notable changes in stock price activity

  7. Financing and stock offering

  8. Securing credit or business funding (debt offering)

  9. Share buyback

  10. Proxy filing - seeking shareholder votes ahead of annual general meeting

  11. Sales & Inventory

  12. Capital Planning (Capex)

  13. Productivity or production

  14. Financially distressed

  15. Bankruptcy

  16. Accounting and audit procedures

  17. Privatisation

  18. Restructuring company operations for greater efficiencies

  19. Recapitalizing company financials for greater efficiencies

Employee & Stakeholder News

Many companies send out press releases about various employee and stakeholder news. In addition, executive and shareholder changes appear to pop up quite frequently.

  1. Appointment or change of board of directors

  2. Appointment or change of corporate officers (executives)

  3. Retiring manager or director

  4. Resignations or deaths

  5. Promotion

  6. Employee awards

  7. Layoffs

  8. Shareholder news

  9. Change of ownership or shareholders

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) News

Great press release examples can be seen announcing sustainability news. Alternatively, this news is known as environmental, social & governance (ESG) or corporate social responsibility (CSR) news.

This is a relatively new category and your company should consider sending out ESG news releases to demonstrate your important efforts towards sustainability.

  1. Making a charitable contribution

  2. Involvement with charity work

  3. Internship programs with educational institutions

  4. Announcing a scholarship

  5. New sustainability efforts

  6. Announce sustainability report

  7. Updates on sustainability reporting efforts

  8. Sustainability recognitions (eg. climate accreditation and water stewardship)

Event Press Release Ideas

During the last few years, the global community was affected by COVID-19. But now, corporate events are back in full swing with no signs of slowing down.

In fact, press releases for events are more popular than ever.

  1. Annual and special corporate meeting

  2. Presenting at a conference

  3. Participating in a local, regional, national or international event

  4. Seminar or tradeshow

  5. Hosting a virtual or live event or seminar

  6. Earnings conference calls

  7. Holiday-related events

  8. Tour of corporate facilities

  9. Sporting event

  10. Media appearance

Marketing & Branding

You might forget about some of the corporate marketing and branding press release examples. Therefore, don't forget to send out these press releases as well.

  1. New sponsorship

  2. Revealing a corporate rebrand

  3. Announcing a new company spokesperson

  4. Promoting a new or updated website

  5. Launching a new campaign

  6. Announcing or hosting a contest or competition

  7. Changing a product name

  8. Changing company name

Developing Original Content

Has your company compiled its own original research or studies? Do you have something helpful to share? Use the following press release examples to highlight your original research.

Sending your original content in a press release helps promote a press release that lives forever.

  1. Research & Development

  2. Survey or poll results

  3. Study or research results

  4. Expert advice or guidance

  5. Industry predictions, forecasts and trends

  6. CEO interview

  7. Announce training and education opportunities

  8. Complimentary information - ebook, whitepaper, newsletter

Recognition Press Release Ideas

By all means, go ahead and toot your corporate horn. Your employees will feel proud to work at your company when word gets out about the great accomplishments you shouldn't keep hidden.

  1. Received company award or accomplishment (eg. Hall of fame)

  2. Giving out an award

  3. Company milestones or anniversaries

  4. Best company to work for

  5. Milestone or certification

  6. Recognition as a leader or strong performer

  7. Achieved an industry ranking

  8. Receiving endorsements

Legally Compliant News

Corporate laws are so complex that most of us don't understand all of the intricacies. But, this shouldn't scare you off. Your stakeholders and the public will appreciate it when you send the following press release examples.

  1. Current and ongoing litigation, lawsuits & regulations - claimant or defendant

  2. Antitrust issues

  3. Insider trading

  4. Licensing agreement

  5. Patent, copyright and trademark




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