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Working with Newsfile is Easier with Worry-Free Billing

Transparency and ease-of-use are foundational elements of Newsfile's commitment to being the customer service leader in the filing and newswire industry. That commitment extends to every part of our business and our relationship with our customers - including making it easy to pay for our services. We offer three methods of billing that reflect the range of working relationships we have with our clients. If you are a current Newsfile client, please reach out to your sales rep about your own billing needs. In the meantime, here's the summary of options:

1. Billing for Regular Accounts

  • After a one of our News and Filing Specialist completes all parts of a job, they enter it in the system for the accounting department to review. The invoice is sent the following day.

  • Some companies may choose to prepay for News and filing services.

2. Billing for Billing Groups

  • For a single group to pay for a number of companies under its umbrella, they may choose to set up as a "billing group."

  • Billing Group invoices are processed the first week of each month, for jobs submitted the month before.

3. Billing for accounts with Contracts

  • If a company prefers to be on a contract with Newsfile, we can adjust the frequency of payments. Typically, these are paid as either a lump sum, two installments, or as quarterly invoices.

Generating or Requesting a Quote for Our Newswire Services

To generate a quote, please log in to Newsfile's Online Portal and prepare to submit your new job for processing. Please ensure the document you select has the finalized word and image count, and select the filing requests or enhanced distribution options you intend to use. When you press “Submit for Processing,” a submission confirmation window will appear which shows all the charges that apply and the total of those for your review and approval.

Generating or Requesting a Quote for Filing Services:

For detailed quotes on filings that involve SEDAR or EDGAR filing fees, please emails us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Payment Methods Available Newsfile offers a full range of payment options to suit your needs, including:

Credit Cards Clients may pay invoices via credit card either by logging into their online portal They can also credit card numbers for future convenience. Paying by phone with Newsfile is also available with the help of one of our staff members.

Wire transfers We can accept Wire transfers in either USD or CAD. Please email us for the banking details required for the transfer.

E-transfer We accept this simple and quick payment method for Canadian customers only.

ACH Similar to E-transfer in Canada, Newsfile offers Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments in the USA. This is an electronic funds-transfer system that works for a host of payments, including Newsfile's services.

Check It might be old-fashioned to some but we're fine with that. Make your checks payable to: Newsfile Corp., and note your invoice number on the check, please.

As always, if you have questions don't hesitate to call or email us at any time.



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