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11 Top Reasons to Write a Press Release for ESG

According to The University of Oxford and Arabesque Partners meta-study, 88% of research shows that solid ESG practices result in better operational performance of firms. It's no wonder then that many businesses choose to write a press release about ESG news.

Along with this, shareholders and stakeholders expect to see important environmental, social and governance (ESG) communications. In fact, they want reassurance that you are doing your part to positively contribute to important ESG issues.

ESG Investment is expected to more than double over the next three years. Therefore, companies can distribute the following newsworthy press releases as part of their ESG communications.

Write a Press Release About 11 Newsworthy ESG Topics

Forbes reports that businesses that invest in ESG outperform others and have higher market values. Furthermore, Probability & Partners in Europe found that, “for every one extra point in ESG score, cumulative excess return of the stock goes up by 8%."

You can use the following top reasons that companies write a press release for ESG to deliver your ESG news to a global audience.

1. Publishing a Sustainability (ESG) Report

As a result, more and more companies are distributing ESG and sustainability news in press releases. You can write a press release that summarizes your ESG Report as an easy-to-read, snapshot version of the big report.


2. Environmental

Wind turbines turn against a blue sky (designed by Freepik)

There are many ways for your company to make a positive impact on the environment. From investing in solar panels and renewables, to reducing waste and choosing eco-friendly products, the possibilities are endless.

The environmental category of ESG is seeing the largest increase in reporting out of all of the ESG categories. In addition, there is a major trend towards increasing climate financial reporting.

This means there are countless opportunities to send out environmental press releases.


3. Changes to Officers and Board of Directors

Investors like to keep informed about major company changes. Changes to management and the board of directors can directly influence company operations. Not only this, but the board oversees shareholder interests.

Frequently, companies send out press releases on content distribution platforms that announce top management and board of director changes.


4. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Efforts

The social aspect plays a key role in your Environmental, Social, and Governance communications. What is your company's policy on mental health, diversity, inclusion and human rights?

The Top 50 Companies for Diversity and Canada's Best Employers for Diversity 2022 promote an open-minded, collaborative and agile approach to this important area.


5. Sustainability Recognitions, Awards & Achievements

You can write a press release to showcase special ESG achievements. Furthermore, distributing a press release that announces this great achievement shows that you are invested in ESG storytelling. To put it simply, your employees and stakeholders will be impressed.


6. Involvement with Charity Work or Making a Charitable Contribution

Corporate philanthropy supports the well-being of others through donations, volunteerism, sponsorships and other forms of giving back. Not only does philanthropy support those around us, but it bestows a sense of pride, happiness and well-being upon your company.

You can share your ESG content about charity work.


7. Community Training & Educational Internship Programs

Your company may be in a position where it can train others or provide important educational opportunities. Training those that do not have easy access to educational opportunities can be very rewarding. Currently, technology companies are leading the way in digital education.


8. Announcing a Scholarship, Bursary or Grant

Investing in our youth now will help set the future up for success. Numerous companies have specific youth programs in place to help achieve this outcome. If you have a youth scholarship or bursary program or are thinking of setting one up, let a global audience know about this opportunity in a news release.


9. Changes in Share Ownership, Share Buybacks & Granting of Stock Options

Investors expect corporate transparency where companies inform them about any major changes. As well, investors will applaud any efforts that let them know about share ownership changes or grants of stock options.


10. Reporting Voting Results from Annual General Meeting

It would be great if all stakeholders could attend corporate annual general meetings. However, this is not typically the case. As a result, any efforts that you undertake to inform about the AGM voting results will be appreciated. Moreover, providing meeting voting results in a press release shows that you are committed to transparency.


11. Updates on Sustainability Reporting Effort

Are you committed to providing more or better sustainability reporting and ESG content? Perhaps you are updating your reporting metrics?


If you choose to write a press release about the top 11 newsworthy ESG topics and deliver your ESG news to a global audience, your sustainability efforts will be elevated. Ensure that you choose a comprehensive news and content publishing platform to distribute your ESG and sustainability news.

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