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Return to PDAC 2022: A visit to the world's biggest mining conference

What I learned from the world's largest mining conference - by Aleema Ali

Everyone says PDAC is a beast, and I can definitely attest to that! Not only do you get to learn about the mining industry, you get to network with people from many different parts of the world. As I walked the conference floor this year, I must’ve heard at least 4 different languages being spoken.

My first PDAC was pre-pandemic in March of 2020, and I did not expect it to be as grand as it was. Multiple receptions every night, walking the conference floor, and putting all the faces to the names I had worked with the past few years felt surreal. And then just like that, about a week after it had finished, we were hit with a life-changing virus that shut PDAC down for two whole years. Just as I started to see myself going to more conferences such as this one, it was stopped in an instant without knowing if or when it would come back.

The international mining industry met up at PDAC 2022 in Toronto

Fast forward to PDAC 2022 and it's Spring! I think I can speak for everyone when I say we love conferences in warmer weather! All everyone could talk about was how beautiful the weather was, how they didn’t have to lug around their jackets and scarves, and most people stayed well after the conference finished just to enjoy Toronto’s sites. I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better time to host it, and the turnout was tremendous; high traffic every day of the conference, so much that my colleague Mary and I had to double-back to most booths because everyone was so busy.

PDAC in person is much more worth the trek than PDAC online. I heard multiple complaints about foot, back, and leg pain but that did not stop everyone from having a great time and meeting new people. I have a stack of business cards sitting on my desk and it reminds me how fortunate we are to be able to get back to in-person events and how important face-face interaction is with regards to networking. This year’s PDAC will not be my last!

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