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Summer PR Inspiration: 11 Press Release Examples Making Big Waves

Are you excited it's summertime? Well, so are we! In fact, we love seeing and sending out the different summer press release examples that float our way.

You might be wondering what exactly is a summer press release?

Well, a summer press release can be about anything that signifies the summer season.

Summer Press Release Topics

There are so many different summer topics that you can get ideas from to write a press release announcement.

Actually, you can align your press release writing with any of the following summer themes, including writing a press release for an event.

  • Concert

  • Event

  • Festival

  • Entertainment

  • Celebrations

  • Good eats

  • Treats

  • Travel

  • Sustainability initiatives

  • Outdoor experiences

  • Product collaborations

  • Summer corporate product launch or achievement

  • Summer corporate operational highlights

  • Summer programs

  • New technologies announced in the summer

11 Summer Press Release Examples

You can always get multitudes of press release ideas to give you ideas about your next news release.

But, if you're looking for hot summer press release examples, click on the following press releases to take a look. They will show you different press release formats.

The summer press release examples below include summer events, celebrations, sustainability initiatives, treats, partnerships, programs and operations.

Click on the following summer press release samples below to view:

If you still find yourself looking for more summer press release illustrations, you can look at other more impressive event and summer press release examples.

Tips for Writing Summer Press Releases

It's possible to make your summer press releases more interesting to your readers. Use some of the following HOT tips in your summer press release writing.

Craft attention-grabbing headlines that use summer-related keywords and adjectives. For example, some summer adjective words include sunny, bright, hot, warm, scorching, relaxing, refreshing, vibrant, exhilarating, fun-filled, lively and radiant. These words evoke the feelings, experiences and atmosphere associated with the summer season.

Use eye-catching images, graphics or videos that align with the summer. You can use images with vibrant colours. In fact, colors associated with summer often evoke feelings of warmth, brightness, and nature. For example, some common colors that are often associated with summer include yellow, orange, sky blue, green and pink. Other summer colours include coral and aqua.

Include specific details for any summer event in your press release writing. You should include addresses, contact phone numbers &/or emails, times, sign-up forms and any other event specific information.

Include a call to action. Let your readers sample a new product, read a review, join an event or find out more.

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